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[L.A.] Kill Them Like The Rest

Clover will get pissy if I don’t post anything. Probably. The reason behind it is, naturally, either lack-of topic or lack-of time to spend writing up stuff, due to working… But I digress:

I’ve been re-doing my room, and that’s given me time tofish out my old PS2 and blow off some time just sitting under the bed, letting my eye-sight degrade to shit. It’s fun.

One of the games I’ve found was Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (GTA: San Andreas, Spiderman 3 and FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus notwithstanding). I bought a second-hand copy of Ultimate Tenkaichi on the ‘360 a few weeks ago.

I’ve already traded it back in.

Fact is, it doesn’t compare to the older iteration of the franchise for me. The story seems a lot better. The only thing that made the game even slightly worth-while was the character-creation, and even that felt limited.

Long-story short? I prefer the older version. End of. I may get DBZ:UT again sometime, but that’s only after I either get bored of BT3 or just get the hankering for the improved graphics.

Also, for those of you who haven’t watched it, the title is a reference to TeamFourStar’s Dragonball Z Abridged series. Enjoy.



Good news everyone!

You just read that in his voice! Moving on.

Clover here. The Xbox somehow fixed itself and I am now back online! Let us all rejoice and… nobody rejoicing? Fuck you too then.

Clover out.


Clover here. It appears I have 3 MMOs to tuck my teeth into now, I have SWTOR  and Guild Wars 2 according to Liam and then Firefall from discovery. It looks pretty good, take a look, it doesn’t look bad.

I also might be getting a new mid level gaming computer and fibre-optic broadband soon. With that I’ll purchase an HD capture card. Look forward to videos in the near future friends.

Clover out.


Forza 3

Clover here. I apologize beforehand about the picture sizes. I could’t find better smaller ones. I am quite proud to admit that this is one of my favorite racing games ever. I also have the sequel but I’ll write about that in the future. Many people, like me, call this a racing game while others call it a car simulation which is completely understandable due to the amount of engine customization on it, but I don’t notice that, I just buy whatever upgrade that makes my car better, I don’t look at the weight or anything. I just like to drive fast in my games. Anyways, down to the specifics.

I would like to mention that the game has a very good selection of cars in there. My favorites consist of Chevrolet Camaro SS, Lamborghini Diablo SV and Koenigsegg CCGT. Don’t ask me why, I just fucking love those cars, they’re fast and they can turn better than a GT500 Shelby. The career offers you hundreds of cars with each level you gain. The races become really long after reaching about level 35 or 40 but it makes sense, faster cars, longer races. Another awesome thing is I bought a Firebird, F class, and upgraded it into a black R3 badass. If you ever wanted to be a professional car racer you can do it in this game because the level of customization is amazing, I loved that car after I upgraded it. I love having old American cars like 1960s Chevy Camaro and upgrading them into modernized beasts. It’s also helpful that you have the obvious range of slow and up to super fast cars. I’ve managed to become attached to this more than my favorites modern shooters… I’m being sarcastic by the way.

The controls clearly vary between the different cars.Because I’ve become used to the game I can tell which one just sucks and which one doesn’t. As a British person I always select the European cars to actually race in, always have been better performers than American. The controls, as I have mentioned, are superior in say a Mercedes or Audi than a Ford or Pontiac. Sometimes when I get a little bit off the track my car does spin a little out of control (AHEM) but it’s probably just my fault. What I do find irritating is it doesn’t show you how to drift and I really do not know how to drift in this game… is it fair to say I suck at it or more of a straight forward go race person? I’d say the latter mainly to not depress and insult myself. Anyways yes, the controls are great but I always upgrade and tune it just to make it even better.

My storefront experience was mainly just buying a few cars, selling my Firebird (tear) and downloading some photographs. I uploaded a few of my own if you want to see them (hint hint) and to be honest my cars looked downright badass. The photo mode is fun because you can make you or other people’s cars look great with these special angles you can have that looks like they’re going and turning much faster than what they really do. You can edit it afterwards through colours and contrast and other thing I don’t understand. If you notice I’ve tried to find the photographs I took in the game of my cars but I couldn’t find them online so fuck that.

The rewind system clearly helps if you make a mistake but makes it clearly easier and feel you’re cheating. I probably could have played it without rewind but I couldn’t help myself. The visuals are just stunning. Even my dad was impressed with the way it looked. Each piece of environment was greatly detailed and the cars just look better. I haven’t tried it with my HDMI yet but I have time :). I can’t imagine how great that will look like.

The summary is, great game, vast choice of cars, great controls but rewind feels like cheating.


Clover out.

Assassin’s Creed… movie?

Clover here. There has been news that Ubisoft is opening a movie studios in Paris. At the moment, I am rejoicing because there are rumours of movies the likes of Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon. Luckily I like all those games so I’m sure the movies will be just as good (just kidding can you imagine?) but regardless sI will go and watch these movies. I like Ubisoft’s games usually more than others because I’ve grown rather attached to the third person view in a lot of video games these days.

I am hoping they don’t much about with green screen and those things for the Assassin’s Creed movie, I like a sense of realism and not all of it digitally created in green screen. I much prefer a real set to high-tech stuff when it comes to movies. That is what they used in the short  movie Assassin’s Creed lineage which used a green screen at all times, much to my disappointment I didn’t like the way it all looked. If anybody from the studios read this, please don;t use green screen, make real sets. I was going to mention something about writers, but they’re Ubisoft, they’re clever enough to figure out their own stuff.

Anyways, they will be cleverly calling the new studio Ubisoft Motion Pictures. I am looking forward to seeing these movies in my nearest cinema.

Here are the lineage videos.

Clover out.

Call Of Duty must change or die

Clover here. Well this is strange. There have been an uprising in Call Of Duty posts recently hasn’t there. Well it’s obvious why, the news of a new Black Ops and my review that came to mind while i was in my bed trying to sleep. I thought of it when I was sleeping and couldn’t remember if a pillow hit me or if it was Captain Price trying to hang me (spoiler). Moving on. If you can count there have been 8 Call of Duty installments excluding the extra ones on the earlier games and they all seem to have something in common. They’re all the same game. No no, please listen, I think this is a good point, is your mouse off the close option? Good, I can carry on. The Call Of Duty franchise has been going on for nearly a decade now and unfortunately there is no sign of it dying out. I’ve noticed that the game as a whole has started to turn into a gimmick. The Modern Warfare side series started off as a serious game. It had serious plot points such as the threat of global nuclear war and a treacherous civil war for Russia. This was a good turning point for the franchise, if it could do more of this then it could have lived on to still be a legacy, but unfortunately the second Modern Warfare went a lot over the top. There was a little bit too much patriotism for America going on. It made me feel uncomfortable as a Welshman even though I carried on and finished it on Veteran. The later games after Call Of Duty 4 just repeated the same thing year after year.

The earlier games were games meant to give detailed stories about the life of a WW2 and modern-day soldier and show the hardships of being one. Now it’s a bunch of cinematics with a few cover based shooting situations in between. I remember playing Big Red 1 on my friends PS2 a few years ago and it was an incredibly good game. Now i play it and I feel like I’m playing out the actions of a James Bond style character. It is irritating that a game would repeat itself for the sake of money, it used to be good.

It must evolve and innovate itself to keep on living as a video game. If a game is worth keeping then it has to change itself at some point. Even Just Cause knows this, the first and second are incredibly different to each other. Every gamer that has his head out of a pile of sand will agree with me in saying that Cal Of Duty needs to change. For this I blame the publishers. seeing as Activision basically owns the franchise, they can decide what happens in it and what not. They know it sells by the multi millions every year so they don’t want to take the risk of losing money by changing the game entirely. If people go off the game that’s game over for them. Activision is notorious for milking a series out of its sweet liquid. This happened with Guitar Hero but thankfully that was stopped before the sweet liquid turned into dust like with Call Of Duty. They’ve ruined the Spyro series by giving him a new look and adding this strange machine to your console that you can stick these ugly little plastic… creatures on and you can play as them. I haven’t played it but I don’t want to either, thankfully the Tony Hawk series still has sweet nectar left in its fine bosom but because of the later series’ negative reception the next game might be postponed to this year or 2013.

Another thing that irritates me is the abbreviation “COD.” I despise it. Cod, is a fish, not a video game. Call Of Duty is a video game, not a fish. I say that but ironically Call Of Duty is metaphorically nowadays a mediocre tasting fish. Get it on your plate and you’ll enjoy it for a little while but that short enjoyment turns slowly into disappointment after eating one for 6 hours and eating one with your friends over the internet will make you feel frustrated and bloated. See the metaphor? I do…

I have a series rating here for you:









Clover out.

New Black Ops, apparently.

(Not a real picture, clearly.)

Clover here. I was watching AWHU number 100, good for them… good for them, they mentioned an announcement of a cleverly titled Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. As you can guess I have a big problem with it already. After finishing Black Ops I thought that every loose end was tied up and the story came together neatly. It’s not like the Modern Warfare series where there were really big questionable cliffhangers and things that made you want it to carry on for a lot longer. Granted, the cliffhanger at the end of MW2 was a huge bitch slap but whatever. This time, the hype is not going to get me. I know exactly what happens when I do get excited about a new Call Of Duty game, I just get a big plate of disappointment for my dinner. Luckily I completely ignored Call Of Duty last year and bought Battlefield 3 instead, which was also a mistake.

Curious as I am I researched the news of it a bit more. It is an alleged rumor, there were listings for a Black Ops 2 on the French Amazon website. Activision has tried to blacklist any website that featured any news on the matter but can no longer contain it. So it is an alleged rumor, it’s not properly announced.

I can’t tell if it’s a press stunt, probably is but it doesn’t bother me at all seeing as it is just another Call Of Duty. Frankly, Call Of Duty is dying, slowly, but I’m keeping that for my next article ;). Have fun.

Clover out.