Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Clover here, I just discovered the debut trailer for a new medal of honor, I looked at it and didn’t notice much of what was new in this game. I know that it’s the Frostbite 2 engine and it looks similar to Battlefield 3 visually, but that’s stupid because it is the same engine. It looks like they’re moving away from the middle eastern environments and into more jungle areas. Tier 1 has passed so I don’t know what military group you’ll be serving as this time. Obviously from what I have seen, the visuals have improved since the 2010 predecessor. I hope they don’t ruin this like every other series that appears to die every so often nowadays because I really enjoyed the las tone because it was different to other shooters, it took you into the real combat areas of the middle east instead of what others do, not going to say it, I’ve said a thousand times, there is now way am I saying that name again! OK fine I’ll mention it in some way, shout of task, happy?

Clover out.


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