New Battlefield 3 DLC

Clover here. As much as I say that I despise this game I’m still going to buy these new DLC. The first one of course is a new map pack that has new weapons and 4 new maps. The maps are all based inside buildings and was made for CQC (close quarters combat) and frankly, I love CQC in shooter games, long-range shooting can piss me off because the more I miss, the more they know I’m there. Another one includes huge open maps filled with vehicles, that one I’m not so looking forward to but I’m still going to buy it. Luckily I got a pre-ordered limited edition copy so I didn’t have to pay for Karkhand DLC. I have a compulsion to play this game even though it frustrates me so much, I like playing it for some reason.

Clover out.


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We, Larten and Clover, try to deliver you an honest opinion on the latest video-games from two different perspectives from two types of gamers. Not only to inform to you but to entertain you for soon we will also have videos on youtube.

2 responses to “New Battlefield 3 DLC”

  1. Jeremy Stain says :

    Yo dude, you have misspelled ‘Battlefield’. You wrote ‘Battleield 3’. Check it out!
    Also I’m wondering why you continue to play BF3 although you despise the game.

    • Larten Clover says :

      I still play Call Of Duty from time to time, it baffles me too. Any game can be addicting. And thank you for noticing, I never sweep over my writing and leave a few mistakes in there from time to time.

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