Battlefield 3 multiplayer update

Clover here. I just downloaded the new 2GB multiplayer update on Battlefield 3 and I have been playing it for about a week or so now. Well, I have some things to take back from my review. The weapons have now been balanced out properly, the fact that you can now make your own server is just brilliant and all these new features have really brightened up the game. I’ve managed to go up at the least 8 level in the past few days since I’ve downloaded it and currently I think I’m at level 36 and have never had so much fun on this game since… ever. I can actually use the support class the way I intended,, same with assault. I might say all this but it isn’t a Bad Company 2, of course the update has fixed everything that was previously wrong and I really enjoy it now but it won’t be that piece of gold that came out in March of 2010.

The thing about Battlefield 3 was, it was never finished when it was released, DICE was probably forced to release it in October because of EA pushing them to an earlier release because of the competition they had with Activision and the infamous Call Of Duty series. The months that came afterwards gave DICE the chance to finish what they had started with Battlefield 3 and here comes the game’s saviour, the multiplayer update.

Soon I’ll be getting premium so you’ll have my word on that too, the thing I’m not looking forward to unfortunately is that damnable SPAS-12, DICE has made a god awful mistake in making her an insta-kill weapon., I don’t care what weapon it is, you never make it insta-kill, be it a shotgun or sniper rifle, headshots are the exception. One problem I do have is the weakness of the frag shell of the 870 MCS, I’ve tried to use it for a while but to no avail, no kills, ever, so I just return to the flanchette shell was it? I can’t remember, but that thing makes me unstoppable!

The next thing I’ll be writing will be a review of the first Assassin’s Creed. Just to give you more details, we will not be reviewing the handheld Creed games.

Since I’ve posted this, I’ve gone up to level 40.

Clover out.


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