Clover “BackupClover”

Hello people. I am Clover and my real name is Carwyn Jones. My screen name has been Clover for nearly 2 years.

Because of Xbox Live, I am now, Clover.

When I grew up I was fed on a diet of Sega Genesis, PS1 and Gamecube. Back in the days I always loved playing Zelda and Mario games. I had the occasional racer but there we go. When I became a teenager, I went into the shooter genre. I was introduced to Call Of Duty 4 by my friend when he had an Xbox 360, then shortly after I got an Xbox and I got a copy of Modern Warfare 2. I “upgraded” and went for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and thanks to Larten and other friends I now play a plethora fo different genres but my main game space is sitll the shooter games.

That’s who I am!

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