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Battlefield 3 multiplayer update

Clover here. I just downloaded the new 2GB multiplayer update on Battlefield 3 and I have been playing it for about a week or so now. Well, I have some things to take back from my review. The weapons have now been balanced out properly, the fact that you can now make your own server is just brilliant and all these new features have really brightened up the game. I’ve managed to go up at the least 8 level in the past few days since I’ve downloaded it and currently I think I’m at level 36 and have never had so much fun on this game since… ever. I can actually use the support class the way I intended,, same with assault. I might say all this but it isn’t a Bad Company 2, of course the update has fixed everything that was previously wrong and I really enjoy it now but it won’t be that piece of gold that came out in March of 2010.

The thing about Battlefield 3 was, it was never finished when it was released, DICE was probably forced to release it in October because of EA pushing them to an earlier release because of the competition they had with Activision and the infamous Call Of Duty series. The months that came afterwards gave DICE the chance to finish what they had started with Battlefield 3 and here comes the game’s saviour, the multiplayer update.

Soon I’ll be getting premium so you’ll have my word on that too, the thing I’m not looking forward to unfortunately is that damnable SPAS-12, DICE has made a god awful mistake in making her an insta-kill weapon., I don’t care what weapon it is, you never make it insta-kill, be it a shotgun or sniper rifle, headshots are the exception. One problem I do have is the weakness of the frag shell of the 870 MCS, I’ve tried to use it for a while but to no avail, no kills, ever, so I just return to the flanchette shell was it? I can’t remember, but that thing makes me unstoppable!

The next thing I’ll be writing will be a review of the first Assassin’s Creed. Just to give you more details, we will not be reviewing the handheld Creed games.

Since I’ve posted this, I’ve gone up to level 40.

Clover out.


[L.A.] Uncharted 3

I’ll keep this short:

So, just played Uncharted 3 for around an hour. Haven’t played the first two iterations in the series, so most of the information is from the mouth of another. Nothing like second-hand opinions. That said, I’ve played enough of it to actually think it’s pretty bad-crap insane.

The story is well-thought out, based primarily on rumors of ancient treasure-stories and explorers, Francis Drake and Lawrence of Arabia being the core of it. It also differs from previous Uncharted games that concentrate on the relationship between Nathan Drake (protagonist) and Elena (“really annoying reporter-girl that he, you-know, has sex with, but still has an amazing computerized ass to make up for the annoyingness”), this game concentrates on the relation between Drake and his mentor, Sully. The characters have amazing depth, the protagonist seeming like an uncanny off-spring between Indiana Jones and Horatio Caine. The enemies succeed in making you want to kick their teeth in or alternatively smash their faces through with a saucepan, while keeping to their secretive nature.

The gameplay is fun, and the graphics essentially strip the title of “game,” and replaces it with “movie where you can control the main character to shoot shit up.” The jumping and climbing have a few bugs that need to be sorted out by Naughty Dog, not being as smooth as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed free-running… But the shooting eases the frustration of running head-first into a wall in the middle of a chase.

L.A. out.

Thanks to “Jack of Trades” for supplying some of the info.

Most of it.

Almost all of it.

Anything after the first paragraph.


The Orange Box

It’s awesome – buy it.


FIrst thoughts on Homefront

Clover here. If you recall to my first thoughts on Just Cause, you’ll notice I mentioned Homefront. It was good deal at 2 for £10 but I could have purchased Frontlines Fuels of war instead of Just Cause. Anyways, I bought this game at the same time in my nearest Gamestation. I was excited to play this as I heard praise of it from everyone and everywhere. Right, to my thoughts on it, go!.

I started off, as everybody else does, in an apartment by myself when I hear knocking on the door. For some reason my character was refusing to open the door so I had to stand there and get beaten up by a few Korean soldiers. I thought to myself hm, I’d have opened the bloody door myself by now but no, my character was too obnoxious to do so he got punished for it, wa-hey! He bloody well deserves it for not opening the door to someone who was kind enough to knock. So then I got dragged out of my house and into this school bus, strange, I thought I was at home playing a video game not going to school… again. So I was on this bus heading to god knows where while this kind gentleman spoke to me, stranger danger my mother would say but who cares. He said something about some resistance or that I was a pilot or something? I don’t know. While we were on this trip, the sights I saw, I will never rest easy again, ever. I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with doing it, films keep doing it and I prefer it when they actually do have the bollocks to do it in games. But a child forced to watch its parents get shot? Extreme, but incredibly ballsy.

Other examples of this disturbing trip were executions along a wall and people forced out of their homes, some were even rounded up for camps or factories. This part really hit me, it showed exactly how merciless your enemy was, they’d kill you for nothing, it’s actually a good psychological trick they used there, if they won’t let you live, why should you do the same for them? That’s what it told me so I went into a rampage mood. I was still talking the nice man in front of me when all of a sudden a bloody truck hit the bus. I thought my character was dead. Turns out I was the only survivor and these nice resistance people came and picked me up. I found a gun on the floor next to a dead soldier and followed them. In the meantime I managed to blow up a petrol station and kill a lot of Koreans. I’m going to spare you the details because it’s all a repeat of the same thing really but then i reached a suburb unknown to the Koreans (I think) and turns out we actually caused a massacre by letting them know exactly who they’re working with.

All of a sudden soldiers come out of nowhere, I felt proud of myself because I managed to save a woman and her child from the barrage of bullets that were storming on us. I took refuge with my lovely resistance mates but all of a sudden a friendly tank came rolling in through the wall. My first thought was “HOLY SHIT!” But my second thought was “that’s very dangerous, he could have killed one of us doing that, he didn’t know where we are the reckless c**t.” They handed me a targeting device for the tank so I could laser designate the Korean tanks for them, why they couldn’t aim it themselves goes past me but whatever, when in Rome. I did the deed and pushed back those pesky soldiers with the might of my binoculars. Take that Koreans! In the start of the next level I woke up in a nice looking bed, the gentleman that was the supposed leader of the resistance came and woke me up and had me talk to the nice man in charge of the weapons. And then I quit the game because it was getting late.

So there was my experience. I always thought that this game would be a copy of Call Of Duty but strangely, it wasn’t. There was something different about this game that I can’t put my finger on. It feels superior to Call Of Duty, I still don’t know why, but I like America so I guess my thought was i want to save it so I might as well do that. I found it very entertaining and not frustrating so I know this one is getting a good mark from me.

Clover out.

Just Cause first thoughts

Clover here. Today i went to my nearest Gamestation in the hopes of finding a 2 for £10 offer there, lo and behold there it was. It was glorious, all sort of games for me to play. I only had £20 at the time so I had to be wise which 2 I would buy. Well I gave it a thought and bought Homefront and Just Cause (We’ll get to Homefront later). So I went home, had an argument with my mother again for buying more games, she doesn’t understand I am a journalist at this, even though an amateur, it is still logical to have a large collection so I can have a large perspective on games. Just Cause because i really enjoyed the second one if you have read anything earlier on and Homefront because my friend from across the street told me it was pretty enjoyable.

So the first game I played was Just Cause. I was actually very excited to play it which unfortunately made me disappointed afterwards. I played around 20 or 25 minutes of it. I went through the tutorial, rescued some freedom fighter I didn’t care for and liberated a small settlement by a bridge by destroying barriers, killing policemen and capturing a flag. How original.When I look at the second and first one, I feel the second was much more enjoyable and the animations much smoother. The first game looks like a kid tried to make a stop motion movie with detailed plasticine. They actually do look that bad, the entire world actually look like they have been made of clay. I was absolutely not impressed with the introduction.

The aiming has really weird sensitivity but for some reason when you drive a vehicle it changes it’s mind and can’t tell when you’re about to run into another car. The mounted guns force you to move slower than a snail. The absence of a grappling hook made me slightly depressed because that meant no movement or chance of hijacking an enemy car at high speeds. Unfortunately I didn’t try the stunt jump but something tells me I shouldn’t have anyway.

After i played this, it was surprising that they made a sequel in the first place but it’s a good thing they did because that luckily redeemed the game’s name. Without the sequel, I wouldn’t have bought the first one afterwards. See? That’s how much I love the second one. Moving on. The positive is that the 100 kills achievement comes in pretty quick so already feel like you’re a bit of a hot-shot even though the game does the aiming for you. I don’t really see why they needed to add the over the shoulder aiming mechanic… pretty pointless really. If there’s no need for it then it’s a waste of memory space on the disc. The real question is; am I still going to play it? Yes, I’m not going to waste that bloody fiver. In all seriousness I will still play it regardless if it is inferior to its sequel. Just because it’s inferior doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Just because it isn’t good doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

Another positive is it doesn’t have lazy design, no real racism even though the characters are all different ethnicities so it doesn’t tell you to specifically target one group of race. It’s a very safe game to play. You play a Mexican killing and helping other Hispanics. I see no trouble for that… even though a white guy tells him what to do… yikes…

Oh yeah I remembered one little thing, what the hell is up with the driving, once you hit another car it’s as if all momentum has momentarily stopped existing for a few seconds. The brakes are way too sensitive too. Once you press that left trigger it’s as if time stopped. You stop on the spot, kind of annoying when you want to go around corners, how do those NPCs still keep going? Stupid question, they’re controlled by the game so they could actually do what they want…

From a first glance, the game definitely isn’t as good as its younger sequel but still good fun which is rather surprising because I usual;y hate badly made games.

Clover out.