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New Battlefield 3 DLC

Clover here. As much as I say that I despise this game I’m still going to buy these new DLC. The first one of course is a new map pack that has new weapons and 4 new maps. The maps are all based inside buildings and was made for CQC (close quarters combat) and frankly, I love CQC in shooter games, long-range shooting can piss me off because the more I miss, the more they know I’m there. Another one includes huge open maps filled with vehicles, that one I’m not so looking forward to but I’m still going to buy it. Luckily I got a pre-ordered limited edition copy so I didn’t have to pay for Karkhand DLC. I have a compulsion to play this game even though it frustrates me so much, I like playing it for some reason.

Clover out.


Mass Effect 3

Clover here, it’s really unsuitable for me to talk about this but what the hell I’ll do it anyway, maybe we can have Jot’s word in later seeing as I don’t play the game. But yes, the trailer is out and even though I don’t play it I’m excited for, not as much as Assassin’s Creed 3 though, seeing as I actually play that series. I’ll have to buy the first 2 games before I buy the third instalment so for the time being, I can’t tell you anything. Here’s the trailer, don’t bite me for this. What I have noticed is that it’s something to do with London and sunflowers. It’s a bit late for this because it’s already out.

Clover out.

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Clover here, I just discovered the debut trailer for a new medal of honor, I looked at it and didn’t notice much of what was new in this game. I know that it’s the Frostbite 2 engine and it looks similar to Battlefield 3 visually, but that’s stupid because it is the same engine. It looks like they’re moving away from the middle eastern environments and into more jungle areas. Tier 1 has passed so I don’t know what military group you’ll be serving as this time. Obviously from what I have seen, the visuals have improved since the 2010 predecessor. I hope they don’t ruin this like every other series that appears to die every so often nowadays because I really enjoyed the las tone because it was different to other shooters, it took you into the real combat areas of the middle east instead of what others do, not going to say it, I’ve said a thousand times, there is now way am I saying that name again! OK fine I’ll mention it in some way, shout of task, happy?

Clover out.

Assassin’s Creed… 3?

Clover here, so there are rumours going round the internet about a new Assassin’s Creed that is actually a full sequel and not just some add ons on disk and have full title prices. Lo and behold, Activision released a picture of an assassin that appearts to be in the Ameriucan revolution with the title of Assassin’s Creed III. This is exciting as they are changing the tiem period to something completely different, in other words the American revolution. So let’s take a look at the picture. If it’s based in the same tiem period as I’m thinking, he’s in the American revolution. At that time the British wore red and from observations the assassin might be native American, the strange thing is the natives and british worked together against the settlers, still though the soldier might be French too.

Here’s the reveal video.

For all I know I could be wrong, I’ll just wait until it has mroe details announced.

Clover out.


Clover here. It appears I have 3 MMOs to tuck my teeth into now, I have SWTOR  and Guild Wars 2 according to Liam and then Firefall from discovery. It looks pretty good, take a look, it doesn’t look bad.

I also might be getting a new mid level gaming computer and fibre-optic broadband soon. With that I’ll purchase an HD capture card. Look forward to videos in the near future friends.

Clover out.


Assassin’s Creed… movie?

Clover here. There has been news that Ubisoft is opening a movie studios in Paris. At the moment, I am rejoicing because there are rumours of movies the likes of Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon. Luckily I like all those games so I’m sure the movies will be just as good (just kidding can you imagine?) but regardless sI will go and watch these movies. I like Ubisoft’s games usually more than others because I’ve grown rather attached to the third person view in a lot of video games these days.

I am hoping they don’t much about with green screen and those things for the Assassin’s Creed movie, I like a sense of realism and not all of it digitally created in green screen. I much prefer a real set to high-tech stuff when it comes to movies. That is what they used in the short  movie Assassin’s Creed lineage which used a green screen at all times, much to my disappointment I didn’t like the way it all looked. If anybody from the studios read this, please don;t use green screen, make real sets. I was going to mention something about writers, but they’re Ubisoft, they’re clever enough to figure out their own stuff.

Anyways, they will be cleverly calling the new studio Ubisoft Motion Pictures. I am looking forward to seeing these movies in my nearest cinema.

Here are the lineage videos.

Clover out.

New Black Ops, apparently.

(Not a real picture, clearly.)

Clover here. I was watching AWHU number 100, good for them… good for them, they mentioned an announcement of a cleverly titled Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. As you can guess I have a big problem with it already. After finishing Black Ops I thought that every loose end was tied up and the story came together neatly. It’s not like the Modern Warfare series where there were really big questionable cliffhangers and things that made you want it to carry on for a lot longer. Granted, the cliffhanger at the end of MW2 was a huge bitch slap but whatever. This time, the hype is not going to get me. I know exactly what happens when I do get excited about a new Call Of Duty game, I just get a big plate of disappointment for my dinner. Luckily I completely ignored Call Of Duty last year and bought Battlefield 3 instead, which was also a mistake.

Curious as I am I researched the news of it a bit more. It is an alleged rumor, there were listings for a Black Ops 2 on the French Amazon website. Activision has tried to blacklist any website that featured any news on the matter but can no longer contain it. So it is an alleged rumor, it’s not properly announced.

I can’t tell if it’s a press stunt, probably is but it doesn’t bother me at all seeing as it is just another Call Of Duty. Frankly, Call Of Duty is dying, slowly, but I’m keeping that for my next article ;). Have fun.

Clover out.