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[L.A.] Uncharted 3

I’ll keep this short:

So, just played Uncharted 3 for around an hour. Haven’t played the first two iterations in the series, so most of the information is from the mouth of another. Nothing like second-hand opinions. That said, I’ve played enough of it to actually think it’s pretty bad-crap insane.

The story is well-thought out, based primarily on rumors of ancient treasure-stories and explorers, Francis Drake and Lawrence of Arabia being the core of it. It also differs from previous Uncharted games that concentrate on the relationship between Nathan Drake (protagonist) and Elena (“really annoying reporter-girl that he, you-know, has sex with, but still has an amazing computerized ass to make up for the annoyingness”), this game concentrates on the relation between Drake and his mentor, Sully. The characters have amazing depth, the protagonist seeming like an uncanny off-spring between Indiana Jones and Horatio Caine. The enemies succeed in making you want to kick their teeth in or alternatively smash their faces through with a saucepan, while keeping to their secretive nature.

The gameplay is fun, and the graphics essentially strip the title of “game,” and replaces it with “movie where you can control the main character to shoot shit up.” The jumping and climbing have a few bugs that need to be sorted out by Naughty Dog, not being as smooth as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed free-running… But the shooting eases the frustration of running head-first into a wall in the middle of a chase.

L.A. out.

Thanks to “Jack of Trades” for supplying some of the info.

Most of it.

Almost all of it.

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[Jack Of Trades] I keep a can of bat-shark-repellent handy…

Review of Batman: Arkham Asylum

Good Morning/Day/Evening everyone! And welcome to the asylum!

Here is my first review of a game and as it happens, it’s the game that features first brought one of most iconic superheroes of all time to te world of modern gaming, Batman! The game itself utilizes all of Batman’s iconic moments and moves, and for the nostalgic nerd, it is nothing more than a wet dream!

The plot of the story is brilliant, in simplicity and canon with the Batman universe. The game opens with Batman bringing the Joker into the Asylum after an attack on city hall. He is uneasy of the ease of his capture and thus follows the Joker into the Asylum. Later, his suspicion is confirmed as the Joker escapes and takes over the asylum, leaving Batman trapped and alone, but never helpless… Batman must fight his way through the crazies, utilizing everything in his arsenal and saving everyone in need.

The gameplay is fun, fast and different from other games. In a fight Batman can utilize all the combat moves and gadgets under(or on, as the case may be) his belt. Otherwise, Batman can sneak around picking off enemies one by one stealthily after surveying an area with his “detective vision/mode.” Here is where the player must face a new challenge, fighting the urge to whisper “I’m batman” after sneaking up or hanging behind an enemy, before pouncing on your prey!!! Plus, the player must also solve a fiendish amount of riddles and puzzles from everyone’s favorite puzzlier, the Riddler. This huge group of side missions will keep the player occupied for hours outside of the normal missions and is a great way to build up experience. As for the graphics, when AA came out in 2009 it was at the top of its league, with a high level of quality and filled with industrial grays, green, pinks and reds making it look immense and deep.

Overall then, B:AA is an immense game, and, despite its increasing age, is still one of the best fun a person could get out of a video game.

-Jack of Trades.

Clover’s weekly recommendations

This week: Saints Row The Third.

I’ve searched quite a few websites this week looking for the best price on each platform so here we go. All of them were on Amazon this week which isn’t surprising. And also on there is a 2 for £20 deal, save a bit of money there while you still can.

Xbox 360 – £25.97

PS3 – £27.59

PC – £17.40

Clover’s weekly recommendations

Clover here, each week I’ll be bringing you guys the best bargains I can find from around the internet. This week it will be Deus Ex: Human Revolution Limited Edition on Xbox 360. The price online is £12.99 in gamestation. It is less expensive than the standard which makes no sense. Luckily, I bought the augmented when it was £15 in Gamestation after christmas.If you want that it’s £30 in the same store. For the PS3, the augmented edition is much cheaper at £23 on Amazon UK. The standard version for PS3 on the same site is £12 again while for the PC  it is £13 but is limited edition. So it’s your choice, it’s worth more if you buy the limited or augmented edition because you get  more bang for your buck.

Xbox 360 Limited Edition (Gamestation)

PS3 Augmented (Amazon)

PC Limited Edition (Amazon)

Clover out.