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Hey guys! Sorry for the wait!

Hello friends, this is Clover speaking. I know, it has been quite the many months since I; Larten or JOT has posted anything but to n o avail! School has ended for JOT and me and Larten has finished his exams. We now have time for you all! Coming up will be either a single or series of reviews of the 4 main Assassin’s Creed installments. I’ll ask the other two whether or not they want to write a review as well as I for the other Creed games, maybe Revelations will be a joint where all of us give off opinions in one article, prepare for confusion. Look forward to those!


More updates!


In the next week or two, I will be buying a capture card for us to kick off out Youtube channel. We plan to make our first video, excluding the debuting of our intro, Larten and I playing Portal 2.


Once we have recorded a little more footage we’ll bring out a “trailer” showing possibly what the channel might bring you and well, I hope you guys find the channel pretty cool, if not, we apologize for failing you masters, because without an audience, internet fame would be nothing. I feel we’d be cheeky in asking you to share it with your friends but if you do, we might be nice to you, maybe even give you a little piece of chocolate, or a pat on the head.


Expect a new series of play-throughs form Larten and me on Skyrim!  He’ll be playing full Dovahkin mode (armor and weapons from the trailer only) while I’ll just do my own stuff. Dawnguard just came out too so that DLC will be in our videos too.


Clover’s Battlefield 3. I’ll be playing Battlefield 3 and obviously recording whatever I get up to, I’ll be playing either with my usual Battlefield 3 partners or random players, I might have them join me in seriousness or shenanigans or just l one wolf it and muck about by myself, if you want to join a game, just let me know, if we can, I might host LartenClover servers in the future now that we can host our own. Games will vary from Close quarters to standard and Karkand maps.


That’s the end of this short update, keep gaming my friends! We’ll be looking forward to playing with you.


-Clover out!


[L.A.] Kill Them Like The Rest

Clover will get pissy if I don’t post anything. Probably. The reason behind it is, naturally, either lack-of topic or lack-of time to spend writing up stuff, due to working… But I digress:

I’ve been re-doing my room, and that’s given me time tofish out my old PS2 and blow off some time just sitting under the bed, letting my eye-sight degrade to shit. It’s fun.

One of the games I’ve found was Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (GTA: San Andreas, Spiderman 3 and FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus notwithstanding). I bought a second-hand copy of Ultimate Tenkaichi on the ‘360 a few weeks ago.

I’ve already traded it back in.

Fact is, it doesn’t compare to the older iteration of the franchise for me. The story seems a lot better. The only thing that made the game even slightly worth-while was the character-creation, and even that felt limited.

Long-story short? I prefer the older version. End of. I may get DBZ:UT again sometime, but that’s only after I either get bored of BT3 or just get the hankering for the improved graphics.

Also, for those of you who haven’t watched it, the title is a reference to TeamFourStar’s Dragonball Z Abridged series. Enjoy.


Welcome to us and yourselves!

Hello people of the internets! We bring you humble tidings. Alright, I’ll set that aside. Hi, I’m Clover, my friend that will join me in my conquest for games domination is Larten. Our task on this website is to bring you the most honest information as possible about not only the latest games but those of the time of ye olde. Before any of this is significant, we must gain popularity, that will take work. Just a few mass messages on social media sites and that might work, maybe contact a few Youtube celebrities in the hopes they’ll advertise us.

Me and Larten, me and him want to try and go to the same University and do the same course together, Games design. Not only journalism, but it’s the making itself we are interested in. Anybody that discovers this website through browsing, please share us with everyone. We’d be  grateful and personally, I’d like our voices to be heard.